Shef Werld is an alternate reality art project created by Scratch user CatsUnited and contributed to by various people, particularly in Shef Kerbi News Network, which is a fully collaborative project. The project started in September 2018 when CatsUnited returned to Scratch after a near 2 year hiatus from Scratch, along with most other programming projects. The result was the account was turned into the home of a new character called "Shef Kerbi". The game Kerbi was designed to be an MS Paint ripoff of Kirby, which ended up being a single screen game of sucking up Chef Kawasakis (known in game as Kawsakis) for points of all characters. After a certain number of points, the game entered the only boss fight in the game, which was against Keyn DDD. The project gained a small following, with people joining in on the "Wow Shef Kerbi bootleg kirby spell everything wrong lol"

Meanwhile, on the TBG Forums, a new Text Based RP was in development, which would come to be Shef Kerbi News Network, also starting in September 2018. The inspiration for Shef Kerbi News Network at the time was that I was working on a whole class assignment in my school's media class where we worked on a full news report presentation. Since Kerbi itself was based off another school project that I did in a computer class, I decided that it would be cool to make a Shef Kerbi RP where me and a group of people would become operators of a fictional news network set in Dreem Lend. The RP has remained active, with some fluctuations in acitivty over the past year and is now (as of writing this) published 31 articles.

The idea of having Seasons and Shef Werld itself were nonexistent back in 2018 - I simply made funny Shef Kerbi stuff. To spice things up a bit, I decided to throw an ARG-style project at people and pretended that the account, along with Shef Kerbi News Network was being compromised by "Thing 1", which you can view news and images about in Article 12. The reason why there is no SKNN Article 13 was because it had never been put on the website due to it being written by "Thing 1", making it cursed. This also marked the second profile picture change I had made on my Scratch profile, with it going from a picture of Shef Kerbi to a picture of Daisy that I got from an artist (this person knows lol). As 2018 ended, a new generation of Shef Kerbi would begin.

At the end of 2018, I announced Meme of the Week, a (supposed to be) weekly series on Scratch where I would review a meme that was getting popular every week. I mainly got this idea from watching Pyrocynical's Reddit video and various commentary Youtubers talking about Big Chungus, which was the big meme at the time when Meme of the Week was being planned. The first "video" I released onto Meme of the Week was a project called "Reddit Review - r/boneappletea", which is a very funny subreddit . What was probably the most surreal thing about Meme of the Week looking back at it now is that I basically made a Reddit TTS video several months before they were a popular video style on Youtube that Youtube would constantly recommend to everyone, even using the infamous "Daniel (UK)" voice, which you should be familiar with if you've seen either Meme of the Week or any Reddit TTS channel on Youtube (Edit: Comment Awards was doing the whole TTS thing with Daniel UK earlier than me, though I don't know if they ever did subreddit videos). One thing that I do regret now is that I didn't bring the idea of Reddit Review onto Youtube - I could've ended up being one of the big Reddit TTS Youtubers and make bank off that. Meme of the Week only had two episodes - turns out that I managed to get onto the Mafia City meme early, however I consider that episode the only successful Meme of the Week - MOTW #2 was kind of late and MOTW #3 never came out (I think it was about Apex Legends back when that was meant to be the Fortnite killer)

The idea of seasons had been established in some form by that point - each season would result in me having a different profile picture on Scratch, along with some major change or addition to the Shef Werld universe that I introduce to the public. Season 1 became the time from the release of Kerbi until the release of Scratch 3.0 on January 2nd, when Season 2 began. Season 2 consisted of my Scratch profile picture being a profile picture of Cynthia from Pokémon (and it was another nice one). Seasons were formally established for Season 3 though, when the Shef Werld website was started up. While it was origially meant to just be me taking over operations of the SKNN website when Apple the Cat went inactive, it turned into a whole website with a clothing store that was inspiried by terrible Youtuber merch and those weird shirts that you see advertised on a random shopify or redbubble website. The Season 3 profile picture was a picture of Gardevoir, and Season 3 went on from the launch of the Shef Kerbi website until the 14th September, 2019 (which as of the writing of this is still two days away).

While this probably doesn't explain everything, it should give you the basics on Shef Werld along with it's history (even though I literally have a separate history page what).

I am also currently working on a completely new project, however I am not ready to provide information for it yet.