Shef Kerbi Game Studios

Work in Progress Games:

Shef Kerbi in Apple Hour (JS)

Platform - real Javascript

A rewrite of Shef Kerbi in Apple Hour to use Javascript instead due to waning support for Adobe Flash by everyone.

Planned Release Date: ???

Released Games

Shef Kerbi in Apple Hour (exe)

Platform - Windows application

The original Shef Kerbi in Apple Hour compiled into a Windows application so you can enjoy Apple Hour even without an internet connection!

Download Link

Shef Kerbi in Apple Hour (Original)

Platform - Flash

It's Apple Hour for Shef Kerbi and he needs to consume some sweet, nutritious apples. However, he is being blocked by the dirty clock that will pull twister on his lungs

Kerbi (Original)

Platform - "JS" (Scratch)

The game that started it all! This classic introduced the world to Shef Kerbi and marked the beginning of a new age for an old account on a children's programming website.

Tom Nook Simulator 2019

Platform - "JS" (Scratch)

Shef Kerbi Game Studios' April Fools joke of 2019, Tom Nook Simulator foreshadowed Shef Kerbi's Apparel, which released around a month later.

Kerbi City

Platform - "JS" (Scratch)

Carmes told me to put this here. No longer considered an official SKNN game despite the intro.