Episode 4: October 2nd, 2018

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Shef Kerbi News Bulletin #4
2 October 2018

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Shef Kerbi has been accused by Toadsworth on the 28th September of destroying Princess Peach's portrait at the front of her castle and stealing $5000 a week before. We have gained special access to broadcast the court case live. Here's what happened:

Judge: Court is now in session. Toadsworth, provide us with your evidence
Toadsworth: Our toads have done some research and have concluded that Shef Kerbi, the person I have accused of the crime was the one who committed it.
Judge: Do you have any evidence to prove it?
Toadsworth: Yes, I have some fingerprints that when we put down onto our analyser did not match with any of the toad's fingerprints. Also, Princess Peach knows her toads very well, and they would never do something abhorrent like this.
Shef Kerbi: i dont know what ahornet mean?????
Judge: Quiet, Shef Kerbi. Let's discuss this case to our jury. What do they think of this case?
All Jury Members: We all believe that Toadsworth is telling the truth.
Shef Kerbi: OBJECTION!!!
Some dude in the audience: I don't think this is Phoenix Wright
Judge: What is it, Shef Kerbi?
Shef Kerbi: i dont hav fingre,,,, toadworth is lying!!!
Judge: Well, that does contradict one of Toadsworth's Points...
Shef Kerbi: i got antoher one!!

Shef Kerbi: toadworth ssaying i didnt steal 5000 dolar!!!!
Toadsworth: That's clearly fake. You can see that me and a speech bubble are both in cardboard, and you can clearly tell that I'm colored in.
Judge: That's hard to tell. Still though, that is another contradicting statement. Toadsworth, you are starting to lose ground
Toadsworth: I can tell you something else. We have gained contact with the Toad Express, the Mushroom Kingdom's national airline, and they have confirmed that Shef Kerbi did in fact take the 1645 flight on Toad Express Flight 34 from Dreem Lend to the Mushroom Kingdom on the 20th September. Here is his plane ticket.

Shef Kerbi: that fake as well. you cant take a plane from one universe to another unless sakurai announces its smashing time!!
Toadsworth: No one else would've been able to do it then. We have narrowed it down to you.
Shef Kerbi: what about mario tho???? he did this!!

Toadsworth: You can clearly tell that that was drawn in...
Judge: Whoa! That is the best evidence we have so far, Shef Kerbi. Judges, what are your opinions?
*Judges agree with Shef Kerbi*
Judge: Jury, what are your opinions?
Jury members: We were on Toadsworth's team before, but after that very high quality evidence from Shef Kerbi, I'd say that Shef Kerbi won this case
Judge: *formulating opinion* Okay, judging by the majority supporting Shef Kerbi, we have decided that Shef Kerbi is NOT GUILTY


We have reports that the volcano 'Mt. Ebbot' is going to erupt within the next few days. If you are within 50 km of the volcano, please evacuate immediately. We will be watching it to gain more information. Please stay calm.

No weather today because being on trial is hard

This news has all been 100% quality approved to federal government standards by Shef Kerbi

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